haus science analysis.

Our signature HAUS SCIENCE ANALYSIS provides you with an in-depth report of your existing home to help guide decision-making when working towards the most efficient, comfortable, and environmentally conscious home possible.

This service is highly recommended for people who are:

   Struggling with issues of mould, temperature instability (too cold in winter/hot in summer), ventilation issues, and draughts.

   Looking to replace windows, roof areas, or a large element of their home and want to do this in the most informed way possible.

   Absolutely in love with their home and don’t want to move but are conscious of their environmental impact

and want to reduce their carbon footprint.

For this service, Kate Hauswould require professional survey plans or existing architectural plans of your home, alongside some additional information and photos supplied by yourselves, which will then be put into a complex computer program called PHPP. This software uses Passivhaus principles to analyse every aspect of your home - including the shape and orientation, number and size of windows, window frame material, and the type of insulation, etc. - to determine how all of these factors affect your internal comfort and your homes overall efficiency.


Kate will then produce a report outlining the different aspects of your home, including where it performs well, where it could be improved and how you could go about making these improvements to achieve maximum comfort.


If you are interested in this service but would like to see an example report or if you would like to get in touch to discuss a HAUS SCIENCE ANALYSIS of your home, please contact us here.